That bastard #Morsi has taken #Egypt out of the frying pan & set her on fire.

How did it come to this? Back to square one, and so quickly?

My expectations of Morsi & the Brotherhood were very low, they weren’t low enough. This so-called man, this fascist has stolen democracy from the people. Egypt is once again paying with her blood for the power-hunger and corruption of a single man.

More martyrs are being made, and for what? The ego of a man who uses God and Religion as his weapons of control and a the facade of legitimacy. A man who claims to be Muslim, yet let’s his fellow compatriots and Muslims die at his hands.

Mubarak was prosecuted and convicted in the eyes of the law that he submitted to for failing to prevent the deaths of Egyptians.

Morsi has now, in hardly any time at all caused turmoil on the streets of Egypt. He’s been chased out of the mosque, he’s united Egyptians against him in a unanimous wave of resistance to autocracy. He lies through his beard and pretends he is taking absolute power to protect the revolution, but the revolution was against autocracy. He’s insulting the intelligence of every living Egyptian, and the memory of every dead Egyptian who died to stop the tyranny that Morsi has taken to in record time.

If the man has put himself above the law, the people have no choice but to take the law into their own hands.

He has made himself extra-judicial, above all other men. Is this not a blasphemy? Did, even the prophet of Islam do that? I don’t think so!

How much more is Egypt expected to take? What was the man thinking? What did he expect? We are Egyptians.

Shame on him. Shame on those who continue to support him, whatever happened to humanity? I thought that was what religion was supposed to be about? Isn’t that what they preach?



This is Ola Shahba, the anti-Morsi activist, kidnapped & beaten by cowards



Revolution, Schmevolution…

Revolution: an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.

There are many optimists who are for some reason I cannot fathom, celebrating the so-called Egyptian revolution anniversary on January 25. Of course, it is a day which should fill us with pride at those who rose up against the Mubarak regime – but it is a massive disservice and an insult to those who have died & suffered in the as yet unfulfilled uprising. This prima facie revolution, has done nothing but change the face of the dictator. The new face(s) have taken the old tactics & we are in a more perilous place than we were before.

We mustn’t forget what those women & men who died died for. Not for a totalitarian Islamic Republic of Egypt alongside this murderous Military Dictatorship, paid for in the blood of those who wanted something else. We mustn’t give up, not only for us, but for them.

Hello again.

It has been many moons since I have blogged. It has been one hell of a year & I am relieved to see the back of it, in spite of the joys it held.

Since I last blogged, I have watched those murderous so called humans in SCAF overtake Mubarak in brutality, corruption of democracy & old-fashioned evil. I have watched the murders, the tear-gassing, the torture victims, the brutality, the lawlessness, the baltagiyeen (state-sponsored thugs), the divisive propoganda, the use of chemical weapons and bullets and sexual violence, the incitement of sectarian violence, the relentless campaigns against those who brought us the revolution by those who should be cherishing & protecting the revolution but instead choose to vote with their feet and their soldiers to try & steal as much power as they can.

I have watched as anti-revolutionary political entrepeneurs in SCAF, the Brotherhood (or so called ‘Freedom & Justice’ party, what a joke) and the Salafis in Al-Noor bastardise our words and their meanings; ‘Dignity’,’Stability’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Justice’, ‘Democracy’. Words which had real meaning to those on the streets and those who gave up their lives, now words with no meaning when it comes from those three institutions, they say those words with their fingers crossed behind their backs. Every time they utter one of those words, what it really means to them is ‘more power to me’, that is all they aspiring to.

Let us also remember the external political entrepeneurs who are so busy meddling & pouring dirty oily bloody money into Egypt right now, all enablers of the outrages that have already happened & the ones to come… SCAF, have at every opportunity blamed ‘foreign interests and funding’ for violence, denounced and attacked human rights NGOs, the 6th April movement and anyone who represents a threat to them for being funded by these shady foreigners. Yet, would they have been able to maintain their violence and monopoly of power over everybody without the weapons &  US ‘aid’ that they rely on themselves? Let’s also remember something that the vast majority of these political players and the ones in the past, like Mubarak, SCAF, Egyptian parliament, Al-Noor party, Islamic Brotherhood and so on, all have in common, in spite of their differences – they have two things – A thirst/greed for power – and penises.

I have watched with special pride and frustration as my sisters of Egypt yet gain rose up & stood fearlessly against oppression again. Those of you who have read my blogposts before will know that I think that without the full involvement of women at every stage, this is a useless and half-baked revolution. In fact, I still call for a feminist revolution of women. As once again, after giving up lives and fighting for the same rights as the men, women have been sidelined. The culture of obedience that should have been smashed once and for all last January is still the status quo for women in Egypt. I am very worried for our future with the proclaimations of those who would rule. I will say it again – I still think that only a feminist uprising and revolution will save us! Like I’ve said before, we need revolutions of the minds as well as the streets. Those Wise Men that have and will rule have shown themselves time and time again to not be up to the job. The nepotism of the Egyptian penis has gone too far. How many times will we let them fail us before we change things for ourselves?

I have hope though.  Samira Ahmed is just one example of a brave woman who triumphed against SCAF & held them up to scrutiny in the Courts of Justice, where they failed. This was after she had been subjected to so-called virginity tests after protesting. (Don’t be fooled by the name, the simple truth of it is they are not virginity tests, but state-sponsored rapes, how else can you describe forced penetration of any type, under duress?). The sight of so many women and men on the streets demanding womens’ rights and freedoms was a beautiful and long overdue one. I hope to see much more of this in 2012.

Of course, there are so many things I have watched and so many people that have filled me with inspiration. The release of Alaa Abd Elfattah was a great moment, let’s hope the other thousands of political prisoners who have suffered the injustice of unfair military trials under an illegitimate military dictatorship follow suit. Maikel Nabil, who was on hunger strike for so long,  suffered so many injustices for standing against military trials, for being a consciencious objecter and for telling the truth – that the army and people were never one hand. He still sticks to his guns principles and refuses to compromise them. How can I not have hope when there are so many inspirational people out there whose principles may help save us? When Aliaa Elmahdy shed her clothes in a big FUCK YOU to her oppression, that gave me hope too & a massive grin too. Good on her, too.

I’ll be back soon, but leave you with this thought:

It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on.

The insult that is ‘Tony Blair – Middle East ‘Peace’ Envoy.

What a massive insult to the intelligence of the world. How disgraceful that a man who went to war in Iraq & Afghanistan by lying to his own country and willfully and uncaringly has so much blood on his hands should be allowed to call himself a ‘peace envoy’. How dare someone that has brought so much death and destruction to the Middle East be allowed to partake in Palestine-Israel negotiations? It makes me sick and is pissing on the graves of all that have died because of him. You could not make this shit up.

Peace Envoy? Give me a break!

What did Blair say about Mubarak on 2nd Feb? Mubarak is ‘immensely courageous and a force for good’. Which shows how deluded he is and thinks we all are.

 His cosy relationship with Gaddafi is deplorable – how much of what is happening today is part of his diplomatic legacy? Supporting & legitimising a man who is now mowing down his citizens with automatic weaponry?

Solidarity Rally outside Bahrain Embassy 19.2.11

For more photos of the protest, please see my set here

Unbelievably the other Middle Eastern ‘leaders’ did not learn the right lessons from Ben Ali & Mubarak. Instead of listening to the people, they have cracked down murderously as the events unfolding in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen are proving. Using weapons bought with the permission and mostly likely encouragement from the British Government on innocent and brave but defenceless civilians, the ruling royal family in Bahrain have proven themselves to be the amongst the lowest in all humanity, even bringing in mercenaries to come and murder their own people. They have vindicated the protesters and shown their true colours to the world. Shame on them and their supporters.

The sorrow I feel as an Egyptian watching this is immense. Watching others go through the same inevitable hell to gain freedom and dignity is terrible. Solidarity to my sisters and brothers fighting for freedom everywhere.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back? (Never trust a man with a gun)

Bittersweet were the celebrations of Mubarak’s agonisingly protracted ‘resignation’. For what a victory it was! After 30 years of tyranny & oppressive fear, Tunisia’s example provided the spark that ignited the spirit of Egyptian defiance once again. The price of Mubarak’s arrogant fantasism was a heavy one, paid for in Egyptian blood and lives. The sacrifices that have been made and the suffering endured for this revolution to happen must remain at the forefront of our minds. We must remember what this revolution was about – a move from the past to a new fairer system.

I am alarmed at how few people seem to be concerned that we have moved from a state of autocratic dictatorship to military dictatorship. I do not understand why people trust the army SO much! The focus must remain on the changes demanded and any obstruction or delay of the implimentation and practice of  some of the points of these protests – to dismantle the old regime, abolish corruption & the emergency laws and establish free & democratic elections, can only be viewed with suspicion. Other than a promise from the army that this will happen in 6 months, what else do we have? The same unfair emergency laws, old familiar Mubarak appointed faces in charge and the army already trying to prevent protests and strikes in an undemocratic fashion.

With reports that the army had received orders to fire on protesters with their artillery, and many of the senior military positions being occupied by Mubarak’s cronies and now, new reports that soldiers that threw down their weapons in favour of the revolution will be tried for High Treason! The military who have taken power may have some sort of mandate, but they have no legitimacy as rulers in my eyes. The sovereignty moved from Mubarak to the people in 18 days, we have to make sure that the power does not return up from below and that we don’t end up back at square one, having lost what our compatriots have paid for with their lives.

After two weeks…


I have been watching in disbelief & hope from far away, the last 2 weeks have been so intense. I have seen the most wonderful & most terrible things. For so long now, I have dreamt of the moment that the people would rise. I could understand the fear & oppression that made them too scared & the psychological effects of the consequences of the corrupt regime were becoming more obvious & heartbreaking everytime I visited. To see the people find their voices & unite in their rejection of hypocrite Mubarak who has come to symbolise the corrupt, murderous, hateful regime that has raped the country and people for too long, was a moment I wasn’t sure that I would see in my lifetime!

However, to see the human cost that these freedom fighters have paid for our freedom has been one of the most painful emotions I have felt. I know other Egyptians I have been speaking to feel the same. Many have been so shocked by it that their initial joy & support has turned into anxiety & a wish to stop any more bloodshed/disruption/murder at any cost.  The pain is too much and the overriding instinct is to make it stop. I have been feeling this too, but, I have to ask myself, after seeing the state-sponsored terrorism of innocent protesters, how can I give up so easily, if they haven’t? We have to remain strong in our resolve. There is so  much information, disinformation & misinformation to try & analyse, so many rumours and propoganda. These are all divide and conquer tactics that are trying to exhaust our energies and terrorise us into conceding. But we can’t, we owe it to ourselves and our sisters & brothers that have paid the ultimate price already, we owe it to Egypt to liberate and emancipate ourselves. After 30 years of lies and corruption, we cannot afford to back down.