Egypt – that place between a rock and a hard place, the frying pan and the fire.

So, in a few minutes, Morsilini the sheeple’s dictator is set to be stood down after defying an army ultimatum by our old friends SCAF and inevitably, there will be another military coup d’etat. These would be saviours are being cheered on by so many – but let’s not forget the last time we had a military dictatorship!

Whilst Morsi & the Brotherhood are calling for death, blood and martyrdom to protect a revolution they didn’t even participate in, that other organised gang, the army are polishing their weapons. These bunches of willy-wagglers will not be content until they bring down Egypt with them.

Dangerous days ahead.


Empty promises and blood on the streets again.

So, two years on & our situation is diabolocal.

Morsi & the Brotherhood have trapped themselves with all the empty promises & platitudes to justice & freedom.

And what do people who are trapped do? They lash out. Egyptians again, are paying the ultimate price. More blood is shed, more martyrs made. The dictator does what dictators do (how quickly Morsi picked up the ropes) he kills, he oppresses, he sends in the tear gas & the troops, he orders a curfew & calls for a new (but old, these tactics are so, so old now) state of emergency.

That didn’t stop the fight for freedom & justice before, and it won’t now, either. Morsi should know that, but the power has gone to his head and the man only has himself to blame for the deaths, the troubles and the disappointment.

That bastard #Morsi has taken #Egypt out of the frying pan & set her on fire.

How did it come to this? Back to square one, and so quickly?

My expectations of Morsi & the Brotherhood were very low, they weren’t low enough. This so-called man, this fascist has stolen democracy from the people. Egypt is once again paying with her blood for the power-hunger and corruption of a single man.

More martyrs are being made, and for what? The ego of a man who uses God and Religion as his weapons of control and a the facade of legitimacy. A man who claims to be Muslim, yet let’s his fellow compatriots and Muslims die at his hands.

Mubarak was prosecuted and convicted in the eyes of the law that he submitted to for failing to prevent the deaths of Egyptians.

Morsi has now, in hardly any time at all caused turmoil on the streets of Egypt. He’s been chased out of the mosque, he’s united Egyptians against him in a unanimous wave of resistance to autocracy. He lies through his beard and pretends he is taking absolute power to protect the revolution, but the revolution was against autocracy. He’s insulting the intelligence of every living Egyptian, and the memory of every dead Egyptian who died to stop the tyranny that Morsi has taken to in record time.

If the man has put himself above the law, the people have no choice but to take the law into their own hands.

He has made himself extra-judicial, above all other men. Is this not a blasphemy? Did, even the prophet of Islam do that? I don’t think so!

How much more is Egypt expected to take? What was the man thinking? What did he expect? We are Egyptians.

Shame on him. Shame on those who continue to support him, whatever happened to humanity? I thought that was what religion was supposed to be about? Isn’t that what they preach?



This is Ola Shahba, the anti-Morsi activist, kidnapped & beaten by cowards


From Despair To Where? Morsi-lini, the proto-fascist dicator-daddy

Again, it’s been awhile since I’ve written. Of course, so much has happened it is hard to know where to start.

We Egyptians have known so many emotions over the rollercoasting revolution of the last couple of years. We’ve known the darkest, most despairing of experiences, and the most jubilant and liberating ones – in endless cycles of intense emotional highs and lows.

To me, it feels like we have come full circle, again, and, like millions of others, I am outraged at the shameless


I have gone from despair – through the gamut of possible human emotional experiences all the way back to despair again.

If you believed the (tired, old) rhetoric of our current pharoah, all those values of the revolution are being saved by our dear caring father, Morsi(lini). From Plato  to Mubarak, the justification of the Benevolent Dictator has never rung true or been successful, and Morsi will be no different. A Dictator who wants us to believe he’s our Daddy. and knows what’s best for us.


We wanted a democracy for the people, by the people of the people.

What we have now is a proto-fascist dictator, who has surely gone against his own religious principles by elevating himself above the laws that other humans are expected to be held to. He’s not above the law. If the Prophet Muhammed in Islam didn’t consider himself above the law, why does this man, who will be imposing his religious and political will on the nation think he can?

If you think I’m exaggerating about Morsi-lini being a proto-fascist, at the very least, let’s hear it from the mouth of one of the biggest fascists of all, Mussolini…


“…it might be argued that the quest for definition of fascism has become absurdly laboured. Why opt for a long list of factors or paragraph of rococo ornateness when Mussolini, on a number of occasions, informed people he regarded as converted to his cause that Fascism was a simple matter?  All that was needed was a single party, a dopolavoro [“after work”…

, a social leisure time organization], and, he did not have to add, a Duce (with a Bocchini to repress dissent) and a will to exclude the foe (somehow defined).  To be still more succinct, as Mussolini told Franco in October 1936, what the Spaniard should aim at was a regime that was simultaneously ‘authoritarian’, ‘social’, and ‘popular’.  That amalgam, the Duce advised, was the basis of universal fascism.”  (Bosworth)
Dressing dictatorship in the language of Daddy isn’t going to wash with us Egyptians. It never did.
Down with the Dictator, Morsi. NO to this farce of an Islamist constitution. Freedom for the Egyptians, all of us. We didn’t get rid of one dictator, to have a worse one replace him. If Morsi thinks that, he’s got another think coming