No, the ‘witch’ is not dead… don’t hate, donate…

This x 1000


Now for those of you that would like to do something a little more positive & constructive than dance on her grave, then please visit this wonderful site my lovely friend Alex set up precisely to try & help those that were devastated by Thatcher’s policies


Please donate if you can & please share even if you can’t. Be the society she said never existed – the best revenge is success, after all!

Not Writing But Blogging

nor is the bitch.
A woman died. One whose politics I despise, then and now, one who was no friend to feminism, who called the ANC terrorists, and divided the country like none since (though Osborne is doing a good job trying).
But when we buy into the language of hate (witch) or the language of misogyny (bitch) all we do is collude with a woman who believed there was no such thing as society, that it was each of us for ourselves. A woman who promoted just one woman in all her time in power and who perceived feminism to be a poison.
We’re better than that. And our language should be better as well.
We also give her, and her bitter legacy, the oxygen of publicity. Let’s not.

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