Bring ON a Feminist Revolution in Egypt!

I love my country. I want to carry on loving my country and I want it to be a society of equals. The feelings of disappointment and disenfranchisement rising within me as I witness the ‘transitioton democracy’ are  unnecessary and avoidable. Women have been at the forefront of this revolution since the start, laying down their.lives and risking everything in the search for democracy.

What is democracy, but the right to participate in the politics which affect us? What is democracy, but the fight for freedom and equality as citizens? What is freedom, but the ability to make decisions for yourself and not have them made for you? Why are women once again, becoming invisible and sidelined in matters of decision making and consultation on the birth of our new country. The women of Egypt are brave and strong and have endured the pains of this revolution as much as anybody.

It is a travesty and a betrayal that we are already being underrepresented and forgotten as equal citizens at the first step. Why barely any women in the negotiations? We need to be the decisions and discussions that will affect our lives or this is NOT democracy! Is this the freedom and democracy that Egypt`s (known as ‘Om’ ildunya, mother of the world) daughters have fought so bravely for? Is the blood of our martyr sisters cheaper than that of our brothers? How is this acceptable? Every Egyptian owes it to their mothers, daughters and sisters to promote fairness and fight for equality. The women of Egypt have fought hard and made us proud, it is time to return the favour and give us a country that makes us equal and proud.


Looking to the US to take a stand… upsetting.

It upsets me that the world is turning to Obama to take a stand on Egypt. The US has been consistent in it’s support (financial & otherwise) for Mubarak & his regime & the oppression & hell that he unleashed on Egypt, undisturbed for over a generation. The US’ position in respect to Egypt is understood already.

Has the UK/US undermined the United Nations so much with the Iraq invasion that it is no longer the Supra-national entity that the world should turn to in times like this, if indeed, it’s necessary at all to turn to an outside power. This revolution has been a peoples’ revolution and Mubarak is as unlikely to listen to anyone outside of Egypt as he is the millions of Egyptians protesting as I type. It is an insult to them & everything that they have been through and are protesting against to seek the US to intervene, when it is the US that is by virtue of it’s support for Mubarak & willingness to ignore the murderous oppressive tyranny that Egyptians have been suffering, has allowed the situation to reach this point.

To ask for Obama’s interference is to slap the face of all those that are protesting. The sovereignty of Egypt lies in the hands of the Egyptians as they have shown with such dignity. It should be a matter for Egypt, and if it can’t, then the United Nations, anything else is simply a step away from imperialism & an extension of the unfair dynamics of high politics in Egypt. Let the people decide what happens next.

After two weeks…


I have been watching in disbelief & hope from far away, the last 2 weeks have been so intense. I have seen the most wonderful & most terrible things. For so long now, I have dreamt of the moment that the people would rise. I could understand the fear & oppression that made them too scared & the psychological effects of the consequences of the corrupt regime were becoming more obvious & heartbreaking everytime I visited. To see the people find their voices & unite in their rejection of hypocrite Mubarak who has come to symbolise the corrupt, murderous, hateful regime that has raped the country and people for too long, was a moment I wasn’t sure that I would see in my lifetime!

However, to see the human cost that these freedom fighters have paid for our freedom has been one of the most painful emotions I have felt. I know other Egyptians I have been speaking to feel the same. Many have been so shocked by it that their initial joy & support has turned into anxiety & a wish to stop any more bloodshed/disruption/murder at any cost.  The pain is too much and the overriding instinct is to make it stop. I have been feeling this too, but, I have to ask myself, after seeing the state-sponsored terrorism of innocent protesters, how can I give up so easily, if they haven’t? We have to remain strong in our resolve. There is so  much information, disinformation & misinformation to try & analyse, so many rumours and propoganda. These are all divide and conquer tactics that are trying to exhaust our energies and terrorise us into conceding. But we can’t, we owe it to ourselves and our sisters & brothers that have paid the ultimate price already, we owe it to Egypt to liberate and emancipate ourselves. After 30 years of lies and corruption, we cannot afford to back down.

Where are the women of the revolution?

I have seen many people commenting on the lack of women seen in this revolution. The women of Egypt are a force to be reckoned with. You do not want to get in the way of angry Egyptian women. They are there!!

The reason that you don’t see them is because the major media outlets are not showing them! Look at blogs, watch twitter, read citizen journalism. The women of Egypt are loud & clear in their messages & their actions, what a shame they do not get the credit and coverage that they deserve.

Here are some photos of my beautiful revolutionary sisters!/album.php?aid=268523&id=586357675&fbid=493689677675

Let’s hope this is also the start of a feminist revolution in Egypt, it is well overdue…

Now the world understands what it means to walk like an Egyptian

Today was a beautiful day & one felt privileged to be a part of. It’s difficult being an Egyptian abroad at the moment. Watching Cairo go up in flames and your sisters and brothers on the streets fighting for emancipation from our pharaoh tyrant, Mubarak and being so far away.

With the internet and no fear we are not so helpless though. Seeing so many passionate people chanting in solidarity and sending messages to the world and back to Egypt was so moving. After hearing Mubarak’s desperate attempts to pretend he has any kind of control and Obama’s mild rapprochement, I think there will be even more people out tomorrow globally, and in Egypt, especially. We don’t buy any of the empty rhetoric, we don’t care what they have to say. The Egyptians are taking back their country and their rights, whatever Mubarak & other nation states might say, wish or think.

I’m very scared for the immediate future of the citizens of Egypt, Mubarak is desperate, the people more so, only the people can win, but what will the costs be for those freedom fighters braving Mubarak?