About Me…

Grumpy a Anglo-Egyptian woman in London. Studying politics, philosophy and  history because I was tiring of my own ignorance. Trying to do my bit in the world. An accidental activist with a love of cats, boats & festivals. Trying to be less grumpy.

I haven’t always been as politically active and politically interested as I am now. Most people, I’ve been told, become less political active during their lifetime. Not sure that’s the case.  As the inequalities and unfairnesses across the world increase, I imagine more and more people are leaning towards a fairer and more humanitarian political society – a reaction to seeing the consequences of political systems that are uninterested in social welfare or the human requirements of citizens.

Communites all over the world suffer as a result of conditions imposed on them by faceless, uncaring, monolithic institutions, whether it be exploitative companies driving their employees (slaves, more like) to suicide because of working conditions, in China, to make cheap products for us to consume – or the entire country, such as the UK being forced to accept an unprecented level of cuts to services by a disgusting government using the global financial crisis as an alibi to sell off anything that they can – whilst letting the banks that behaved so recklessly, causing this deficit completely get away with it – making the people that suffer as a result pay for it themselves. Taxing the poor, whilst letting big companies get away with not paying billions in taxes.

There are so many instances of exploitation & unfair suffering imposed by states, multinational companies and others,in a conspiracy of exploitation and deliberate obfuscation. Look at how the Egyptians have suffered for over 32 years, and how much help Mubarak had in oppressing Egyptians from other countries, only too eager to interfere in the name of ‘stability’? How many Arabs have suffered as a consequence of their dictators – all of whom have been in bed with the West?  Politics is dirty. Unbridled capitalism is something that can only have evil consequences for humanity. People all over the world are waking up and smelling their power.

I am happy that I see a spreading international uprising against dictatorships, inequalities and oppression. It’s great. Although, no doubt there will be those who pay the price, it seems that everywhere, I read stories about people who would rather die for something than live for nothing. Seeing, as every day, we see stories of governments killing their people, it’s reassuring to see resistence. Which is better than before.

Anyone that says that they know what the future holds is a liar,  we should all be hopeful, and keep our wits about us. Remember, we’re all here on this planet together. Suffering is suffering – if we humans all pull together, look out for each other, who knows what we might be capable of.

2 responses to “About Me…

  1. That’s a great citizen-action manifesto. I, too, feel that oppressive governments / states will always have help (from the outside) precisely because they pay their dues. In turn, they’re allowed to perpetuate their own brand of slavery – in however subtle and palatable forms. East-West, Europe-Africa, Us-Them – all divisions disappear when it comes to the Holy Grail of ‘More’.

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