It’s heresy I know. But not all men are actually rapists

“The faintest suggestion that women’s bodies aren’t their toys (such as patiently explaining the differences between a vagina and a laptop, for example), and, hello, out come the little grabby-grabby hands. You can practically see their chocolate-smeared mouths wailing: “Mine! Mine! I don’t want it to be up to her whether I can look at them or touch them! It’s not fair! I should be able to buy access to women, or at least exchange it for Being A Nice Guy!””

This x million.

I don’t understand why we are having the same conversations over & over again about rape and consent. How many more decades of pointing out the same things do we need before attitudes will change.

Have to say, am deeply suspicious of those propagating these ‘defences’ (read victim-blaming). What have the men (&sometimes women) who propogate this rape apologism got to hide? Is it about their own behaviour? Is that what he was thinking about some of the victims of crime while he was on Crimewatch.

In pushing these victim blaming narratives, it’s not so much that Ross is complicit with rapists. By giving rapists excuses and absolving them of responsibilities, he’s acting as an accomplice to them & to rape culture.

Jo Bloggs

It’s heresy I know. But not all men are actually rapists.

Friendly womansplainer is here to help you, Nick Ross. 

Despite several thousand years of masculinism, and perhaps partly because of it, men are still mostly portrayed as weak and helpless when it comes to sexual offenses. Why?

So many portrayals of men in popular culture make out that men are incapable of taking responsibility for where they put their penises, and that not only does this give women the power to ‘give’ or ‘withhold’ sex, but that this imagined power is actually meaningful.

It is plainly objectionable to assume that most men are rapists. Whether you’re a comedian making jokes which imply your audience will empathise with rapists and have a good old chuckle at survivors, or whether you’re warning women not to dress a certain way in case they provoke men to rape them, we have to ask:…

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