Reactions to the Disasters in Japan – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

Nobody could fail to be astounded at the images and videos coming out of Japan, after the Tsunami. The devastation and scale of the disaster seems impossible to comprehend in my little human brain. It’s bad enough in my imagination,but to see the multitudes of people who have somehow survived who are dealing with the reality and the aftermath evokes in me a deep sense of empathy and solidarity, as it should. If a tsunami wasn’t devastating enough, the potential for nuclear disaster is a further devastation for people already going through unimaginable conditions.

The international response has, as it should be, been willingly forthcoming and prompt. On the whole, it restores my faith somewhat in humanity when I see evidence of humanistic unity in the face of disaster. It’s sad that sometimes, it takes disaster to bring out the best side of humanity, but good to see when people are concerned for their fellow human. I was surprised that Japan did not accept aid offered by China, as, how could that be in the interest of the Japanese people who could probably have done with that aid?

If that thought relieves me somewhat, the inhumanism and the worst of humanity also seems to come out of disaster. One would have thought the only person to be pleased about the Tsunami would be Gaddaffi & those dictators who would be relieved to have attention diverted from them. To see some reactions, rejoicing in the anguish of the Japanese, claiming it as ‘karma’ for Pearl Harbour and for military transgressions 60 YEARS AGO, and being filled with joy and smugness, just confuses me – I just can’t understand it. I’ll bet that many of the people celebrating weren’t even born yet! Are they so indoctrinated in hate that they can’t empathise? Do they REALLY believe what they are saying? And, then, there’s  the trolls using as a joke, also completely lacking any tact or humanity (just have a look here: to see what I’m talking about). I despair, I really do!

So, for the Japanese people and any other people suffering anywhere, now, I express my solidarity, and I’m sorry for your suffering.

To the woman in the link I just posted, and to all the other haters, this is to you, from me x


4 responses to “Reactions to the Disasters in Japan – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

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  2. It would seem that the idiot has earned the wrath of
    Anonymous who has already declared war on the Westboro Baptist Church and closed down their websites. Welcome to America, the land of religious imbecility. Did you know that 500 children die of neglect in this country every year? Most are children with type 1 diabetes who die in agony as their nitwit parents pray for miracle cures. The worse part is that out of 500 kids a year only a few parents are even charged. In most of the Southern States, it is perfectly legal to deny your kids life saving medical care.

    I mention this so your European readers will know that the idiot was not an isolated case. America is full of idiots just like her.

    I join you in your condemnation and your support for the people of Japan. Once again, another brilliant post.


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