The Inhumanity Of It All..

It keeps striking me how obscene it feels that I am going about my business – going to university, reading my books, going to work, playing with my cats, kissing my husband, going to sleep in my bed at night – while there is a humanitarian disaster happening now in Libya and other places, and, generally, utter terror & horror going on all over the world to many different people pretty much all of the time. How did we become immunized to it?

How has humanity got to this point? Are we all so removed from our own humanity that we can detach ourselves from our fellow humans and their suffering and act like nothing is happening? Or is that humanity? Whilst I do see and hear, each day, stories of humans who give me faith in humanity – who do the most wonderful caring things – I can’t help but think the world would be a better place without humans. At least that way, there would be no suffering. All the most wonderful things that the most wonderful people do make not a jot of difference to the people that are being raped or murdered or suffering unimaginable horrors. Society is only as good as the worst treated people within it. In the time it’s taken you to read this, how many people have suffered unfairly or are suffering through no fault of their own with no prospect of rescue? Man, we, as a species are morally fucked.


One response to “The Inhumanity Of It All..

  1. Why I changed my name was because face book is going to be selling peoples details to companies and apps and I did not want to be harassed and did not want to leave a surname and it had to be something I could remember .

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