Two Steps Forward, One Step Back? (Never trust a man with a gun)

Bittersweet were the celebrations of Mubarak’s agonisingly protracted ‘resignation’. For what a victory it was! After 30 years of tyranny & oppressive fear, Tunisia’s example provided the spark that ignited the spirit of Egyptian defiance once again. The price of Mubarak’s arrogant fantasism was a heavy one, paid for in Egyptian blood and lives. The sacrifices that have been made and the suffering endured for this revolution to happen must remain at the forefront of our minds. We must remember what this revolution was about – a move from the past to a new fairer system.

I am alarmed at how few people seem to be concerned that we have moved from a state of autocratic dictatorship to military dictatorship. I do not understand why people trust the army SO much! The focus must remain on the changes demanded and any obstruction or delay of the implimentation and practice of  some of the points of these protests – to dismantle the old regime, abolish corruption & the emergency laws and establish free & democratic elections, can only be viewed with suspicion. Other than a promise from the army that this will happen in 6 months, what else do we have? The same unfair emergency laws, old familiar Mubarak appointed faces in charge and the army already trying to prevent protests and strikes in an undemocratic fashion.

With reports that the army had received orders to fire on protesters with their artillery, and many of the senior military positions being occupied by Mubarak’s cronies and now, new reports that soldiers that threw down their weapons in favour of the revolution will be tried for High Treason! The military who have taken power may have some sort of mandate, but they have no legitimacy as rulers in my eyes. The sovereignty moved from Mubarak to the people in 18 days, we have to make sure that the power does not return up from below and that we don’t end up back at square one, having lost what our compatriots have paid for with their lives.


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