Looking to the US to take a stand… upsetting.

It upsets me that the world is turning to Obama to take a stand on Egypt. The US has been consistent in it’s support (financial & otherwise) for Mubarak & his regime & the oppression & hell that he unleashed on Egypt, undisturbed for over a generation. The US’ position in respect to Egypt is understood already.

Has the UK/US undermined the United Nations so much with the Iraq invasion that it is no longer the Supra-national entity that the world should turn to in times like this, if indeed, it’s necessary at all to turn to an outside power. This revolution has been a peoples’ revolution and Mubarak is as unlikely to listen to anyone outside of Egypt as he is the millions of Egyptians protesting as I type. It is an insult to them & everything that they have been through and are protesting against to seek the US to intervene, when it is the US that is by virtue of it’s support for Mubarak & willingness to ignore the murderous oppressive tyranny that Egyptians have been suffering, has allowed the situation to reach this point.

To ask for Obama’s interference is to slap the face of all those that are protesting. The sovereignty of Egypt lies in the hands of the Egyptians as they have shown with such dignity. It should be a matter for Egypt, and if it can’t, then the United Nations, anything else is simply a step away from imperialism & an extension of the unfair dynamics of high politics in Egypt. Let the people decide what happens next.


2 responses to “Looking to the US to take a stand… upsetting.

  1. Right on! The US and the rest of the world should simply butt out and let the Egyptian people decide their destiny and government. It is a long road ahead but the people will prevail.

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