After two weeks…


I have been watching in disbelief & hope from far away, the last 2 weeks have been so intense. I have seen the most wonderful & most terrible things. For so long now, I have dreamt of the moment that the people would rise. I could understand the fear & oppression that made them too scared & the psychological effects of the consequences of the corrupt regime were becoming more obvious & heartbreaking everytime I visited. To see the people find their voices & unite in their rejection of hypocrite Mubarak who has come to symbolise the corrupt, murderous, hateful regime that has raped the country and people for too long, was a moment I wasn’t sure that I would see in my lifetime!

However, to see the human cost that these freedom fighters have paid for our freedom has been one of the most painful emotions I have felt. I know other Egyptians I have been speaking to feel the same. Many have been so shocked by it that their initial joy & support has turned into anxiety & a wish to stop any more bloodshed/disruption/murder at any cost.  The pain is too much and the overriding instinct is to make it stop. I have been feeling this too, but, I have to ask myself, after seeing the state-sponsored terrorism of innocent protesters, how can I give up so easily, if they haven’t? We have to remain strong in our resolve. There is so  much information, disinformation & misinformation to try & analyse, so many rumours and propoganda. These are all divide and conquer tactics that are trying to exhaust our energies and terrorise us into conceding. But we can’t, we owe it to ourselves and our sisters & brothers that have paid the ultimate price already, we owe it to Egypt to liberate and emancipate ourselves. After 30 years of lies and corruption, we cannot afford to back down.


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