Egyptians and being stubborn.

‘President’ Mubarak is still clinging on for dear life to his precious presidency. He is as stubborn as a poo that has emerged from a very constipated person that just won’t go away, no matter how many times the toilet is flushed.

He must realise by now that he cannot win in a fight with 80million people? We Egyptians are a stubborn lot, something I was reminded of at today’s solidarity protest at the Egyptian embassy in London.

He can’t kill 80 million people, he can’t possibly cling on until November, when the next presidential election is due.  Go Mubarak! Go! Enough people have died already because of your stubborness. He is determined to buy time and exhausts the minds and bodies of the protesters and observers. All the tactics are either procrastinatory or divide-and-conquer. Just like he underestimated us, we underestimated him. He thinks he can, but he can’t win, too much is at stake.


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