Now the world understands what it means to walk like an Egyptian

Today was a beautiful day & one felt privileged to be a part of. It’s difficult being an Egyptian abroad at the moment. Watching Cairo go up in flames and your sisters and brothers on the streets fighting for emancipation from our pharaoh tyrant, Mubarak and being so far away.

With the internet and no fear we are not so helpless though. Seeing so many passionate people chanting in solidarity and sending messages to the world and back to Egypt was so moving. After hearing Mubarak’s desperate attempts to pretend he has any kind of control and Obama’s mild rapprochement, I think there will be even more people out tomorrow globally, and in Egypt, especially. We don’t buy any of the empty rhetoric, we don’t care what they have to say. The Egyptians are taking back their country and their rights, whatever Mubarak & other nation states might say, wish or think.

I’m very scared for the immediate future of the citizens of Egypt, Mubarak is desperate, the people more so, only the people can win, but what will the costs be for those freedom fighters braving Mubarak?


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